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Normal gameplay

- GM's never buff/ressurect/heal without a motivated reason.
- GM's never change nicknames/titles/hero glow/color/recommendations without a reason.
- GM's never give out enchants/items/adena/buff/skills/gm skills/free teleport/lvl up etc.
- GM’s can kill/jail/kick, if players won’t stop bothering them.
- GM's cannot run around with a different name then their original name, unless it was specifically for events.
- GM’s can’t leave the GM Clan.
- GM's can't give their alts or their friends free items, unless otherwise and specifically allowed by the Admin (as in in the case of a donation, or scammed/bugged items).
- GM's alt characters, if any, are not to be clan leaders or decision-making clan members of regular clans.

L2Shinne Rules

- The Head Game Master is the only one that makes temporary rules.
- Game Masters can’t make rules without the permission of the current Head Game Master.
- The Head Game Master can unban any account for the next reasons:
> Ban without sense.
> Unfair reasons.
> Accounts banned for little mistakes made by players.
- Problems Between GM’s can be moderated by the Head Game Master and the Server administrator.
- GM Rules can be modified by the Head Game Master.

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